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  • n. A loss of synchronization of brain waves.
  • n. The loss or absence of synchronization; asynchronism.

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  • n. a process causing an absence of synchronization; the relation that exists when things occur at unrelated times.

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  • n. the relation that exists when things occur at unrelated times


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de- +‎ synchronization


  • Multiple-color optical activation, silencing, and desynchronization of neural activity, with single-spike temporal resolution.

    World Wide Mind

  • People whose jobs require them to work through the night and to sleep during the day can develop chronic sleep deprivation and a complete desynchronization of the systems of their bodies, leading to allostatic load.


  • In fact, it may be harmful to take it at varying times, because it can promote desynchronization of your inner clock.


  • In passive mode there can be a desynchronization between computers due to computer desynchronization or network lags.

    Phrack Issue #63 (The Lost Circle of Hackers)

  • A great deal of study has shown that jet lag is primarily a disorder caused by desynchronization of basic biological cycles within the body and that it causes physical stress as well.

    Stress and the Manager

  • Jet-lag is not desynchronization between the clock and the environment, it is internal desynchronization between all the cellular clocks in our bodies.

    ScienceBlogs Channel : Life Science

  • Peripheral nociceptive stimulation in anesthetized rats produced an immediate electroencephalogram (EEG) desynchronization resembling the cortical arousal (low-amplitude, fast-wave activity), while the membrane potential switched into a persistent depolarization state.

    BioMed Central - Latest articles

  • Animals studies, the researchers note, show that "internal desynchronization" from repeated shifts in the day / night cycle cause premature death.

    WebMD Health

  • In addition, we did not observe desynchronization of molecular rhythms among the sLNv as might be expected if communication were disrupted.

    PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles

  • It is caused by the desynchronization between the body's internal clock, which resides in the hypothalamus of the brain, and the new light / dark cycle at the destination.

    NYT > Home Page


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