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  • v. Present participle of deter.


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  • 'How often the same association operates in deterring from the serious contemplation of a future state, we must leave to the consciences of individuals to determine.

    The Mother's Book

  • Hopefully they make an example of this guy and hopefully can help in deterring poachers.

    Kentucky Man Faces Stiff Poaching Penalties

  • The British Daily Telegraph says langurs are highly effective in deterring other animals from taking up residence.

    Monkeys Threaten Commonwealth Games

  • Do you think that the laws have resulted in deterring these behaviors?

    17 posts from February 2009

  • I justwish all the ridiculous overkill in security (far more than heads of state even get) was not deterring from the actualOlympic feats of the athletes.

    VANOC Police State? « Colleen Anderson

  • This section of the agreement is intended to address some of the special challenges that new technologies pose for enforcement of intellectual property rights, such as the possible role and responsibilities of internet service providers in deterring copyright and related rights piracy over the Internet.

    ‘New’ US trade office ACTA details

  • We further find that credible threats of monetary sanctions, while economically inefficient, are significantly more effective than written messages in deterring selfishness.

    Communication, Threats, and Laughter

  • How effective is the risk of a 1% fine in deterring CEOs from creating non-authentic earnings to keep their companies healthy in Wall Street's eyes?

    Stark Lessons From The Dell Fraud Case

  • Neither criminal investigations or broad-based surveillance are likely to be effective in deterring or preventing the sophisticated criminal/government cyberattacks originating from foreign jurisdictions which constitute an increasing percentage of attacks generally and the most dangerous attacks particularly.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » The Internet, The Fourth Amendment, and Technology Neutrality: A Response to Horowitz

  • I think one of the biggest walls that Nausicaä builds in deterring me from the get-go is the artwork.

    Books in 2008, #1


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