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  • adj. having long-term trends removed in order to emphasise short-term changes.
  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of detrend.


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  • This results in the creation of a residual series that is referred to as the detrended series.

    Curry's Comments on Klotzbach « Climate Audit

  • This is doubtless why MBH98 used something called detrended standard deviations, which do not downweight hockey stick shaped series.

    More on von Storch !! « Climate Audit

  • His feat of finding no trend in detrended munged data is on a par with John Ashcroft's triumph in finding 12 hookers in New Orleans.

    McLean whinges

  • Our analysis shows that properly detrended, integrated solar are index is well described as an uncorrelated Lévy flight, while the detrended, integrated temperature anomaly record is consistent with a persistent fractional Brownian motion.

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  • R2 argue that any idiot can tell the difference between the step size distribution in the SFI and GTA by removing the long time trends and then looking at the detrended probability distribution functions.

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  • They show that the test used by S&W on series with a long term trend will make them all appear similar, and that if the GTA and SFI are detrended the correlation disappears.

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  • For the GTA, it turns out that if the time series is properly detrended the Hurst parameter 0.65 indicates that the steps are positively correlated, e.g changes in global temperature anomalies on a monthly basis are correlated at least a few steps out from any point and the series can be described as a fractional Brownian process.

    Never mind

  • So the plot above is the “detrended” sequence length.

    Wolfram Blog : Science: Live and in Public

  • If you detrended world temperature data of the global warming trend, I imagine you would get a similar graph to that you see for the PDO, as global warming has not been perfectly linear, rather it oscillates around the linear trend ie positive ~1915-1945, negative ~1945-1978, positive ~1970-2000ish.

    Unthreaded #16 « Climate Audit

  • I understand it relates to the poleward of 20N SST anomaly, and is detrended of the Global Warming trend.

    Unthreaded #16 « Climate Audit


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