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  • n. any hydride in which the hydrogen is replaced by deuterium


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  • Among those activities: "producing uranium metal . . . and its manufacture into components relevant to a nuclear device"; "testing of explosive components suitable for the initiation of high explosives in a converging spherical geometry"; "experiments involving the explosive compression of uranium deuteride to produce a short burst of neutrons"; "missile re-entry vehicle redesign activities for a new payload assessed as being nuclear in nature."

    Iran, Syria—and Seymour Hersh

  • Wrap that with a little lithium deuteride and you have a 400kt hydrogen bomb, that could take out a city and kill 3-4 million.


  • Later what they determined as the cause was basically that the Nuclear Physicists Second only to Rocket scientists in intelligence status? had Used Lithium deuteride as the Fusion Material.

    Esper on In-Site Cherry Picking « Climate Audit

  • To his friend George Uhlenbeck, Oppenheimer wrote, "So I think it really not too improbable that a ten cm cube of uranium deuteride ... might very well blow itself to hell."

    An American Tragedy

  • They held pencils at the ready as they talked, and what they talked about most—he was startled to hear—was tritium and deuterium, of which he now knew a little, and lithium deuteride, which, he learned when he asked, was a compound of lithium and heavy water and, more significantly, was the explosive substance of preference in the best hydrogen devices.

    Closing Time

  • Groves, who had died of heart disease in 1970, decided to run for his life, downward toward the molten center of the earth, where it was hot as Hades, he knew, but not so hot as the temperature of a fusion explosion or the heat the chaplain would produce if he continued to evolve successfully into a nuclear mixture of tritium and lithium deuteride and achieved a critical mass.

    Closing Time

  • And then came tritium, the radioactive gas with two extra neutrons, which was used as paint in self-illuminating gauges and clock faces, including those of the new line of novelty pornographic bedroom clocks that overnight had captured the lustful fancy of the nation, and to boost the detonating process in thermonuclear devices like hydrogen bombs containing lithium deuteride, a deuterium compound.

    Closing Time

  • The secondary assembly is lithium-deuteride and lithium-hydride, both doped with tritium, surrounded by uranium 238.

    The Sum of all Fears

  • Inside the hyperboloid will be this cylinder of tritium-enriched lithium deuteride. '

    The Sum of all Fears

  • Secondly, additional amounts of tritium placed in the proper location nearby the fission device - called a "primary" in this case - begin a fusion reaction There are other ways of doing this, of course The chemicals of choice are lithium-deuteride and lithium-hydride, which is more stable, but tritium is still extremely useful for certain weapons applications '

    The Sum of all Fears


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