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  • adv. Alternative form of dexterously.

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  • adv. with dexterity; in a dexterous manner


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  • With the left hand they dipped up sand, handled this skilfully or "dextrously" with the right hand, so that in a few minutes they could give grains of gold to the gratified explorers.

    The life of Christopher Columbus: from his own letters and journals and other documents of his time.

  • Enjoyably plotted, sometimes dextrously turned, but groaning with moral sententiousness, This Happy Breed is peppered with moments in which characters proclaim the importance of using their own words, of not slipping into jargon, in particular the second-hand vocabulary of 1930s socialism.

    This Happy Breed; Henry IV, Parts One and Two – review

  • "The last two albums didn't count," Eminem sniffs, resolving to employ the zeal of the recently recovered to rhyme dextrously about doing vile things to women.

    Eminem: Recovery

  • And a fly decided to take residence behind the window blind alongside me - until it was dextrously caught and removed by our ace reporter.

    I'm ready for my closeup, Ms DeMille

  • A newspaper in January 1767 describes a blacksmith from Bridgwater in Somerset—fifteen miles from Cheddar—who went shooting on Christmas day: On Pallet Hill he espied a large flight of old ravens, fired and killed two, which so exasperated the rest, that they immediately descended upon him, and plied their bills and claws so dextrously about his head and face that notwithstanding all possible care was taken of him, he died last Monday.

    A Year on the Wing

  • Force and fraud were then dextrously applied to secure his ascent from the Dalriadan to the Pictish throne a few years later.

    'The Invention of Scotland: History and Myth'

  • Dressed for the final day in a blue V-neck chemise, with a gold necklace draped across his concave, hairless chest and the gold championship bracelet weighing down his wrist, Stuey dextrously shuffled his small pile of chips with his chopstick-thin fingers.

    One of a Kind

  • For the new arrivals at Colón, the Slaven operation was the first and most impressive visible sign of actual canal construction, something Ferdinand de Lesseps had “very dextrously” considered in the view of a correspondent for The Times of London.

    The Path Between the Seas

  • But there was one whose trick gave more universal pleasure than all the rest; for observing the manner in which I had disposed my books on the table before me, he very dextrously displaced one of them, and put an obscene jest-book of his own in the place.

    The Vicar of Wakefield

  • Over half of the guests have arrived and the entrance hall has become a place of celebration, the noise convivial yet not too loud, the festive music still audible, the flash of cameras enlivening, the candle-type light showing soft and haggard cheeks to advantage, the liveried footmen apparently selected for their looks and fine calves, and much handsomer than most of the male guests moving dextrously from group to group.

    Hound in the Left-hand Corner, The


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