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  • n. Plural form of diagonal.


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  • Unidentified Man #1: (Foreign language spoken) McEVERS: Molinari's men draw diagrams of how soldiers should move in diagonals, not straight lines.

    Battle Raises Questions On Iraq Security Readiness

  • That the maximum horizontal component of the stresses in each of the diagonals is a constant quantity, not only for tension and compression, but for all the diagonals.

    Scientific American Supplement, No. 483, April 4, 1885

  • Upon the diagonals were the figures 20 and 17, and on each side of the parallelogram stood a letter signifying the point of the compass.

    The Trumpet-Major

  • An entire generation of Soviet dissident artists showed their work in secret apartment gatherings, to the point that almost all non – Socialist Realist work came to be known as Apt Art. In the absence of control, graphic art that employs elements — such as diagonals or positive light or faces — hardly achieves propaganda in any meaningful sense, much less fascism.

    Kriston Capps: Fascist Art? It Takes More Than Typical Design

  • For what it's worth, this site says "The diagonal cutting pliers, commonly called 'diagonals' or 'dikes'...", which suggests a shortening of diagonal and would seem to support the spelling with i. UNKNOWN TO DICTIONARIES.

  • And it is well here to state that when we speak of "diagonals" in connection with the chessboard, we do not limit ourselves to the two long diagonals from corner to corner, but include all the shorter lines that are parallel to these.

    Amusements in Mathematics

  • When the square is at an angle of 45° to the base line, then its sides are drawn respectively to the points of distance, _DD_, and one of its diagonals which is at right angles to the base is drawn to the point of sight _S_, and the other _ab_, is parallel to that base or ground line.

    The Theory and Practice of Perspective

  • Red Radish, Rounds present an opposing shape to the diagonals above

    Marilinda Hodgdon: The Taste of Summer: Cucumber Citrus Salad

  • Some proposed, for instance, that using diagonals in a composition could be a step in overcoming "bourgeois stasis," or that photographic imagery could popularize appreciation for industrial progress.

    An Ordinary Revolution

  • After you have marveled at Picasso's sculptural reinventions, take a trip down to Chelsea and see how Donald Judd 1928-94, an abstract artist continuing in the Constructivist tradition—working with cubes, right angles, planes and diagonals—whittled away all trace of the representational object.

    Rock, Paper, Sculpture


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