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  • n. A finger ring on which is mounted a diamond, often a symbol of engagement or marriage.


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  • "A friend mentioned him," I told him, more or less truthfully: The scars explained why Mr Gordimer's grey-haired intruder with a diamond ring had kept his back turned, only revealing his face when he spoke over his shoulder, showing a scrap of moustache.

    Locked Rooms

  • The king liked the painting enormously and presented the artist with a large diamond ring from his own finger and a diamond-studded hatband, as well as the ceremonial sword with which he had knighted him.

    The Dragon’s Trail

  • She wore the diamond ring which David kept locked up in his dispatch-box.

    The Fire Within

  • Acting fancy was a sin to my mother unless someone better than you read: rich was pinning a carnation to your homemade prom dress or wrestling a half-carat diamond ring over your knocked-up knuckle.

    Dont You Forget About Me

  • Recall the august yet harmonious lineaments, the Grecian neck and bust; let the round and dazzling arm be visible, and the delicate hand; omit neither diamond ring nor gold bracelet; portray faithfully the attire, aerial lace and glistening satin, graceful scarf and golden rose; call it 'Blanche, an accomplished lady of rank.'

    Jane Eyre: an autobiography, Vol. I.

  • Dew neh loh moh, he wanted to shout, a few minutes ago I wouldn't be able to pay for Butterscotch Lass's feed next week let alone the diamond ring and now I'm worth at least $3Vi million U.S. and with judicious manipulation much more. "30 by all the gods!"

    Noble House

  • She was fifty-two, Eurasian, Phillip Chen's second wife, an attractive, bejeweled matron who wore a dark brown chong-sam, a priceless jade bead necklace and a four-carat diamond ring — amid many other rings.

    Noble House

  • The end of the envelope, unsinged and unopened now, pushed the brass flap inward, the hand holding it turned at the wrist, a diamond ring gleaming.

    Time and Again

  • I finally consented to go to Mr. Battle and leave my diamond ring and get the money.

    Diary, March 19-August 25, 1864.


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