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  • n. Plural form of diatribe.


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  • Whiny diatribes from the Party of No: no ideas, not a clue chelle

    New RNC radio spots hit Blue Dog Dems

  • I must say that given we have had no previous contact from which your opening disclaimer might have been a response, Therefore, as when democrats begin diatribes with allegations that their patriotism has been challenged when it has not been ….

    ‘Public option’ on the table? - Moe_Lane’s blog - RedState

  • Also his social and political diatribes from the characters are insightful, sharp, and apart from one, surprisingly inoffensive.

    Filmstalker Review: Clerks II

  • And last night he posted racist diatribes from a white supremacy website.

    Think Progress » Google Cache Thwarts Bush Spin Machine

  • The defining characteristic of anti-Sailerist diatribes is multitudinous quotations from my writings with no attempt at refutation of the truth of any of them -- the reader is simply supposed to be shocked, SHOCKED that anyone would dare write such politically incorrect things.

    Archive 2004-12-05

  • Like Mencken's, Lewis's vogue was intense but abbreviated: by the time he won the Nobel, his novels of the 1920s already seemed hopelessly dated to the intellectual tastemakers, whose interests now lay not in diatribes against American provincialism but in political and economic criticism and "proletarian fiction."

    Sheer Data

  • Ah, that’s because piss-stained ladder-pulling Know-Nothing Wack O’ either cuts and pastes his blogwhoring diatribes from a personal Wiki, or uses WikiCaps in order to track said blogwhores through identifiable search terms.

    Matthew Yglesias » The Sun’ll Go Down In Five Years

  • In this scenario, I suspect Mr. Seavey is somewhat overstating the case, given that his website consists of several 2500+-word diatribes about how, if you don't want to meet up with the "fella" you've agreed to go out with, don't STRING HIM ALONG LIKE THE HARLOT YOU ARE.

    David Arquette? The subtle art of the C-SPAN breakup

  • On the Web, one-sentence links are as legitimate as thousand-word diatribes — in fact, they are often valued more.

    Why I Blog

  • Amazing it is still standing after listening to the KLOWNstein diatribes.

    Sound Politics: And the cost is still the benefit


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