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  • n. boron hydride, B2H6, a colourless explosive gas with a nasty smell; it has an unusual structure in which two of the hydrogen atoms form a bridge between the two boron atoms


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  • There was those diborane leaks, the transformator fire, my collegue who was thrown across the lab from high voltage, the unlabeled flasks with chemicals, ‚Ķ Oh, well, maybe I earned that PhD after all! fnxtr

    On the Contemplation of Panda Poo - The Panda's Thumb

  • However, boron is rare on Mars, while silicon is everywhere, and the processes required to produce diborane are rather complex.

    The Case for Mars

  • So, while small amounts of diborane may be imported to Mars early in the program to permit high-performance hopper applications use of a diborane/carbon dioxide system may be the optimal way, for example, of performing a robotic Mars sample return mission, once a base exists capable of producing silane, this locally available product will almost certainly displace diborane.

    The Case for Mars

  • Diborane, B2H6, will also burn in carbon dioxide, with a specific impulse of 300 seconds at a mixture ratio of three parts carbon dioxide to one part diborane.30 A diborane/carbon dioxide rocket hopper could thus have an effective specific impulse of 1,200 seconds, even better than the silane/carbon dioxide system discussed above.

    The Case for Mars

  • In addition Brown has introduced an entirely new class of compounds, the organoboranes, obtained by reacting diborane with olefins (Fig 2).

    Press Release: The 1979 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

  • Voltaix calls itself the world's leading producer of germane, diborane, trisilane, and trimethyl¬≠boron-chemicals used to make semiconductors and, increasingly, photovoltaics.

    Engineering News: Latest News

  • Voltaix is the world's leading producer of germane, diborane, trisilane, and trimethyl boron - specialty chemicals that enhance the performance and manufacturability of semiconductors and photovoltaics.



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