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  • noun chemistry Any cation, of general formula X2+, formed by the removal of two electrons from a neutral species


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di- +‎ cation


  • I am sure this is nothing new but I like to make the most of dication by making it more active and less passsive by invloving the students.

    L is for Lockstep « An A-Z of ELT

  • The total ab dication of moral leadership in fighting drugs.

    Ready, Aim...

  • It is also clear, Prime Minister, that while our bilateral relations remain excellent, South Africa and Japan can do more together in areas we share common interests, including the reform of the United Nations system, in matters of disarmament, poverty era dication globally, conservation and the protection of the environment and human security.

    Address at the working visit by Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori of Japan

  • "Myths and Myth-makers" (1872) gave early evidence of this fondness, and surely there is the very spirit of the lover of tales in the D.dication of the book, "To my dear Friend, William D. Howells, in remembrance of pleasant autumn evenings spent among were-wolves and trolls and nixies."

    The War of Independence

  • Mycelex -- G FDA Approved_ Pharm. acyGyne_-Lotrimin - free +me. dication informa'tion, * such as r'atings, side.


  • Singulair a+sthma me, dication * - nameco'mmunity B*log post ... ..


  • Slide 23: Intervention Me dication:  Morphine Sulphate Nitrate (GTN) s Be blocke ta rs CalciumC hanne Blocke l r Anti plate ts / Anti coagulant le Throm bolytic the rapy 01 / 01 / 09 www.

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  • Type 2 Di-abetes Me, dication inf_ormat+ion avail. able at Januvia*. com New +Drugs.


  • Should the company obtain an approved in - sales representative who can discuss an impor - dication or should it allow off-label use of the tant new treatment, even for a rare disease, is drug to provide whatever commercial value it likely to have better access to physicians. obtains?

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  • A safety monitoring usually takes the form of adju - frequently asked question document is prepared dication of adverse events that occur in the setting to enhance rapidity of response.

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