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  • Same as dichotomous.


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dichotomy +‎ -ic


  • There's a weird dichotomic irony there: He both nails and misses the point.

    "Although people in humanities have always lamented the state of the field..."

  • Then came Bohmian mechanics, a theory which has made clear, in a lucid and perfectly consistent way, that there is no reason of principle requiring a dichotomic description of the world.

    Collapse Theories

  • However, one can give an alternative field-theoretic account in which particles are represented as dichotomic ˜Yes/No™ fields: with such a field, the field amplitude is simply ˜Yes™ at location x if the ˜particle™ is present at x and

    Identity and Individuality in Quantum Theory

  • It said much for the dichotomic nature of human civilization that Earth, the capital planet, was a Wheel world-one where the Grand Wheel's influence was strong, unchecked by the Legitimacy's repressive efforts.

    The Grand Wheel

  • In addition, the rural population is sometimes seen as a specific class in Marx's historical writings, as is the Lumpenproletariat (“dregs of society”), so that we obtain an image of society, which, far from the usual dichotomic or trichotomic image, is differentiated into several strata with multiple interests.


  • To obviate the matter Lamarck conceived and proposed the dichotomic method for the easy determination of species.

    Lamarck, the Founder of Evolution His Life and Work

  • The dichotomic segregation of AOB glomeruli has been described in opossums, rodents and rabbits, while Primates and Laurasiatheres present the Gαi2-pathway only, or none at all (such as apes, some bats and aquatic species).

    ScienceBlogs Channel : Life Science

  • This will enable us to i) test the reality of the dichotomic behavior in a substantially larger sample; ii) extend the comparison between radio-loud and radio-quiet AGN to a larger range of luminosities.

    SpaceRef Top Stories


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