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  • n. The act of dichotomizing or the thing dichotomized; classification

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. Division into two parts; separation or classification by dual or binary subdivision.

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  • n. the act of dividing into two sharply different categories


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  • What some experts call the "dichotomization" of foods -- their division into "good" and "bad" foods -- is a particular problem for many binge eaters, he adds.


  • This dichotomization has been the hallmark of much of the business world.

    Hamish McLennan: Making the Left- & Right-Brain Work Together: It's Good Business

  • That dichotomization is not just intellectually incoherent -- Blackwell tries to defend it, falls into a muddle, and for her pains gets called out by Scalzi for being "egregiously classist" -- but ultimately a trap not just for the MFA programs themselves but their students.

    Hillary Rettig: A Million Exploited MFA's: How James Frey Benefits from MFA Programs' Willingness to Sell Out Their Students

  • Perfectionists, being drawn to reductiveness, dichotomization and rigidity, love labels.

    Hillary Rettig: How Labeling and Hyperbole Sabotage Your Writing Productivity

  • Migration to America challenged the dichotomization of Judaism into a public and private sphere, which roughly corresponded to the male and female.

    German Immigrant Period in the United States.

  • On the other hand, thinking needs the challenge of faith's recognition of truth, so that it can remain on the right path in the search for the real, one, whole truth, amid the intensifying Western dichotomization of faith and reason, theology and philosophy.

    Archive 2009-01-01

  • In this ad for Union Carbide is an excellent example of the dichotomization of “tradition” and “modernity” and the conflation of “modernity” with the West.


  • And, while I agree with Andrea Smith (whom I've been citing often on this blog) and other Native environmentalists who constantly criticize white ecofeminists and other mainstream environmental activists for their shortsighted (and, indeed, racist) views concerning their perfunctory dichotomization between humans and nature, I often respect environmentalists for raising our consciousness about nature and all of earth's living organisms as having basic rights like their fellow humans.

    Archive 2007-08-01

  • Could you please provide some attestation or indication that I actually make this dichotomization based on gender?

    Republican Governor Vetoes Rape Victims Rights Bill

  • The impact of ADRB index dichotomization at 250 with regard to cumulative clinical episodes, recorded over the 5.5 month follow-up period in different age groups (inversely related), is shown in Dichotomized ADRB indexes have an age-dependent impact on clinical episodes at both low and high transmission sites.

    PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles


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