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  • It was the whole damned caboodle: the clever dickery, the snobbery, the preppy prissiness and the screaming, stomach-churning, nausea-inducing, and apparently universal, contempt for women.

    Christina Patterson: The Social Network That Made Me Sick

  • If we are alone and think about how we've navigated through society, we will accuse ourselves of dickery, defend the action, and after a while see through our own lie.


  • If we are around other people and someone claims we've been a dick, we will defend ourselves, we won't admit to dickery, but a misunderstanding.


  • Comprised of six members who are all dicks in their own right, the Gang of Six is an excellent example of Gestalt dickery, in which the whole is greater than the sum of its dicks.

    The Gang Of Six: Dickipedia

  • So profound is the scope of Donald Rumsfeld's dickery, in other words his "dick breadth," that the country will continue to smell it for years to come.

    Donald Rumsfeld: Dickipedia

  • Stewart goes on to segue to a segment in which he follows the life of "United Jonco International" in order to explain the many sketchy dealings that led to the crisis, including asleep-at-the-switch ratings agencies, transparency issues at the Fed, bogus corporate bonuses, overvalued toxic assets, rampant accounting fraud and a catch-all term for a host of other established Wall Street practices that I'll simply call "dickery."

    'Daily Show' Takes On Financial Regulatory Reform, Explains Dodgy Wall Street Practices (VIDEO)

  • They're making comments like "Even by the standards of these books, that was an outstanding piece of dickery", which to a gamebook designer is high praise.

    Making Light: Open thread 134

  • Shouting LOL in a crowded theatre: trolling, griefing and Web 2.0 dickery

    Strange Attractor » 2009 » April

  • The Smith piece is worth noting as it is a classic example of "clever-dickery", combining establishment thinking with know-it-all superiority, a condescending attitude and a basic lack of fundamental research, all with a complete failure to put the story in its broader political context.

    Coffins on wheels

  • So, if you would like to comment, you'll need a LJ account they're free, after all, but those who continue to display acts of dickery will be banned.

    1984 pulp book covers from 1954 (updated 4x)


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