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  • adj. bicyclic

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • In two cycles: said of the calyx-base of the Crinoidea when there are two rings of plates between the topmost joint of the column and the first cycle of plates situated in the projection of the ambulacra or arms: contrasted with monocyclic.
  • Noting organic compounds the atoms of which form two closed chains, each having one or more atoms in common. Also bicyclic.
  • In botany: Forming or disposed in two whorls, as a perianth or other series of organs.
  • Biennial: said of hapaxanthous herbs which require two seasons to mature.


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di- +‎ cyclic


  • In addition to the powerful hull, the small, squat ship had a very efficient dicyclic warp signature, decades ahead of anything the Malons had developed for faster-than-light travel.

    Demons Of Air And Darkness

  • They abandon the slender grace of their ancient ship designs, manufacturing massive, monotanium-plated vessels with dicyclic warp engines capable of traversing huge distances.

    Star Trek


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