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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of diddle.


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  • He hasn't received any financial help and felt "diddled" because he sees so much abuse of the welfare system by others less in need - you only have to open the newspapers to see where he is coming from.

    Activity Update

  • So he leavened justice with mercy, and, having dried her tears with his lips, he found himself in the same position as before, with a mad suspicion tattering through his brain that maybe he had been "diddled" again.

    Here are Ladies

  • So one can say that they 'diddled' while Rome burned?

    Propeller Most Popular Stories

  • He was only on the way to being "diddled" in 1822, but the prophecy (suggested, no doubt, by the announcement of the sale of furniture, etc., at Wanstead

    The Works of Lord Byron. Vol. 6

  • I diddled around with writing stories in hypertext, but was never satisfied with the result; they seemed to me either confusing or aimless or simply mechanistic, and at best I came up with something so voluminous that I couldn't possibly complete it in one lifetime.

    Archive 2009-08-01

  • Joe Ledley would not thank Neil Taylor for his covering lapse when Downing diddled him to give Young the opportunity hopefully to allow England to flourish after the break but Wayne Hennessey remained untroubled.

    England's static wingers fail to flick the switch to stretch Wales | David Pleat

  • Sinclair professed faith in the common man, of course, while the Sage of Baltimore considered 99% of such species "imbeciles" who were "doomed to be diddled forever."

    Greg Mitchell: Dispatches From 1934 Campaign: H.L. Mencken and Will Rogers Poke Fun at Upton Sinclair

  • Today, it's all about Joslyn James, from the quorum of bosomy broads who diddled with Tiger Woods 'doodle ... or is it doodled with his diddle.

    Abe Gurko: Is Gloria Allred A Madam...Or What?

  • In addition, the other prominent stories inprint and on the air waves which claim to deliver us vital coverage, diddled around about a golfer's sex life and a Senator'stime-warped political remark, whipping the unfortunate but not ill-intentioned comment into the politically incorrect gaffe of the decade.

    Grannies' Sixth-year Vigil Commemoration Preempted by the Tabloid Four--Jay, Colin, Tiger and Harry

  • The girls made me stay outside like a bad doggy while they diddled each other's hair and made ready to meet grandma.

    Magic X


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