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  • adj. Lacking two hydroxyl groups.


di- +‎ deoxy- (Wiktionary)


  • The work culminated in the development of the "dideoxy" technique for DNA sequencing around

    Frederick Sanger - Autobiography

  • Amplified fragments were cloned into the pGEM-T Easy vector (Promega) and sequenced in both directions with dideoxy terminators (ABI BigDye Kit).

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  • Where Venter's genome was sequenced with Sanger dideoxy sequencing, the gold standard technology of the day; Watson's genome was sequenced with the first of the Next Generation Sequencing instruments, the 454 (now owned by Roche).

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  • In comparison to dideoxy-sequencing, pyrosequencing seems to be much more efficient in analyzing 60-80 nt long sequences from FFPE-DNA templates.

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  • At present, although Q-PCR methods are in general more efficient than dideoxy-sequencing on FFPE material, since they target small sequences likely to be preserved upon formalin fixation, it is still not clear how they perform on a daily routine basis in this context.

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  • Herein, we report on our experience on prospective diagnostic KRAS mutation testing with three methods including dideoxy-sequencing that was used as the reference method for mutation validation, and two Q-PCR methods, the IVD DxS-KRAS test and a Taqman-minor-groove-binder (Taqman-MGB, TMGB) test that was standardized and validated in our lab, by taking into consideration not only the efficiency of the methods but mostly focusing on template characteristics.

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  • Overall, caution is warranted when performing validation trials with dideoxy-sequencing as the golden standard to determine the specificity of methods with higher mutation detection efficiency on FFPE-DNA templates.

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  • In this sense, dideoxy-sequencing served its purpose.

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  • Tumor FFPE-DNA from 135 diagnostic and 75 low-quality control samples was obtained upon macrodissection, tested for fragmentation and assessed for KRAS mutations with dideoxy-sequencing and with two Q-PCR methods (Taqman-minor-groove-binder [TMGB] probes and DxS-KRAS-IVD).

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  • Pyrosequencing is simpler, faster and more sensitive than dideoxy-sequencing but, as any sequencing method developed so far, it remains a complex method.

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