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  • did not


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did +‎ nae


  • And awaiting me were Burns Day greetings from previously anonymous folks - an Obamaman in California, a Scots piper in Holland, Bonnie Kiltie from Dundee, and an Irishman in Glasgow who didnae like the Rangers too much!,

    Archive 2009-01-01

  • One professor said that women write differently than men, which may well be true, but I didnae like her assumption.

    The Nervous Breakdown

  • So I bought your books and kind of hated you bcuz they didnae give much time to sleep.

    The Nervous Breakdown

  • I didnae realise that everyone in the world loves PBnJ sammiches.

    The Nervous Breakdown

  • Just got back from the supernmarket with fixings to make guacamole (but they didnae have jalapeno peppers), 2 kinds of chips, salted cashews, smoked oysters (mostly for me), and 4 Naked “berry blast” juices, plus frozen spanakopita (for me, one in the oven now), and fresh beautiful fuzzy sweet peaches as well as blueberries.

    The Nervous Breakdown

  • Forgot to say, Irene, that I didnae find packaged meats with long dates.

    The Nervous Breakdown

  • There isnae a politician in power anywhere in this world who didnae stab a few backs to get where he is.

    It's October, 1956.

  • You said something \expndtw8 to her about a black sheep that had to be put down and her\expndtw7 self kenned you didnae have a black sheep and she thought \expndtw6 they looked a lot o 'villains so she rushes into the Lochdubh bar shouting you've been shanghaied.

    Poem About Never Growing Up

  • "At least ye didnae fire on us, like those fools at Monmouth Castle!"


  • "Ma man came oot the jail early last week, 'an when he got tae the door he didnae huv his key, so he jist booted the door in."

    November 2006


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