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  • noun The state of being different.

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  • noun uncountable The state or quality of being different.
  • noun countable The result or product of being different.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

different +‎ -ness


  • Just as the choir's ‘We are One' did not sing about how we are one big happy bowl full of Jell-Othat is, our differentness is just as important to usso RWE's nature and Oversoul, etc. are not Oriental pantheism.

    Philocrites: Uh oh, it's salvation by hermeneutics.

  • It was a supreme irony that Barack Obama, who had spoken of a great opening onto the Islamic world, had returned American policy to its older acceptance of the "differentness" of the Arabs, to the inevitability of tyranny in their midst.

    Hillary Clinton Echoes the Bush Doc

  • The token's resulting isolation and 'differentness' leads her to be excluded from informal gatherings and further perpetuates the maintenance of the token as a minority group.

    Dr. Sasha Galbraith: Missing Women: The Bermuda Triangle in the C-Suite

  • Obama has alienated Ohio; the negative McCain ad (that very few people will actually see) is working; that "differentness" of Obama might start being a bigger issue .... and so on and so forth.

    New Poll: McCain Leading Among Likely Voters!

  • Here is the problem: these changes have not eliminated the sense among some whites of the "differentness" imposed on blacks by the founding fathers.

    Martin Carnoy: Barack Obama, Race, and the Message of Change

  • The belief in America's "differentness" began to give way, and American liberalism set itself free from the call of nationalism.

    The Foreign Policy Difference

  • As indicative as anything of the "differentness" of convicts as a social group, therefore, is the nature of the causes for which they will unite in extreme action.

    Why Prisoners Riot

  • The feeling of loneliness which he had always had - not the occasional twinges that everyone must feel, but a continual sense of "differentness" that had forced him to stand apart from his fellow humans, and they from him.

    Ring Around the Sun

  • In a town like Asheville, often saturated with "differentness," it can be rare to find something truly unique. - News

  • In a town like Asheville, often saturated with "differentness," it can be rare to find something truly unique. - News


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