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  • n. A theoretical scalar field (analogous to the photon)
  • n. A particle, associated with gravity, in string theory


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  • A quantum fluctuation may break this master group so that this dilaton freezes out this symmetry at different length scales.

    Death in the Sky: M31 Shreds its Satellites | Universe Today

  • I think the interiors of black holes are dual to a condensate phase of gauge fields, such as gluon plasmas probed at RHIC, and that these objects are determined by a dilaton field to contain information for an AdS (Anti-deSitter) spacetime and its conformal infinity.

    Dark Matter: Still Dark.

  • There is a whole lot more I could go on about this, such as the role of conformal groups and dilaton fields, or with zeta functions, and ….

    Dark Matter: Still Dark.

  • This is for a spin 0 particle, such as the Higgs field or su (4) dilaton.

    Dark Matter: Still Dark.

  • \Lambda~ = ~\Lambda (\phi, ~ {\dot\phi}) and this scalar field is probably somehow related to the dilaton field of the current eternal inflation.

    Science and Unobservable Things

  • Please tell me if I recall correctly that linear dilaton backgrounds are conformally flat spacetimes, with a special choice of dilaton field linearly related to the time coordinate?

    Guest Post: Joe Polchinski on Science or Sociology?

  • However, there are linear dilaton backgrounds where problem of obtaining postive vacuum energy was solved.

    Guest Post: Joe Polchinski on Science or Sociology?

  • I believe that linear dilaton backgrounds and non-critical string theory are one and the same.

    Guest Post: Joe Polchinski on Science or Sociology?

  • The reason for the UV sensitivity in the simple toroidal model is the suppression of the dilaton F-term F_s which contributes to the tree-level gaugino mass.

    String Theory is Losing the Public Debate

  • The classic example is a linear dilaton …. i.e. a spacetime field generated by the string, the “dilaton”, has a non-trivial dependence (linear in this case) on just one direction in spacetime … .. the rather singles out that direction as being rather special as compared to the others, a possiblity not allowed for in the critical string constructions.

    Why 10 or 11?


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