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  • n. A proposed particle composed of two muons
  • n. Used attributively to describe systems containing two muons


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di- +‎ muon


  • Ten days ago, we wrote about the Tevatron's D0 Collaboration that claimed a 3. 2-sigma evidence supporting a new source of CP violation using the data from dimuon events.

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  • Because the likely underlying reason behind this anomaly was probably related to the cause of the dimuon CP anomaly, it's probable that the latter - which is a 99.9% claim - is incorrect, too.

    The Reference Frame

  • This actually creates some uncertainty in the number of dimuon decays that can be collected, as a function of the parent body's transverse momentum.

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  • The anomalous dimuon charge asymmetry reported by the D0 Collaboration may be due to the tree-level exchange of some spin-0 particles which mediate CP violation in Bs − ¯Bs meson mixing.

    Next Big Future

  • The absorption of jets, the evidence of gluonium, tetraneutron, pentaquark or dimuon events can serve as a tangible evidence of condensation of matter due the supersymmetry effects of surface tension. - latest science and technology news stories

  • The function above will now be used to derive a parametrization of the probability that we observe a dimuon pair with a given mass

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  • Hot off the press: Mark Williams, a DZERO member speaking at Moriond QCD 2009 - a yearly international conference in particle physics, where HEP experimentalists regularly present their hottest results - has shown today the preliminary results of their analysis of dimuon events, based on 900 inverse picobarns of proton-antiproton collision data.

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  • For instance, a dimuon decay of the B_s meson (a hadron made up of a bottom and a strange quark) is enhanced by the presence of virtual loops of SUSY particles.

    A Quantum Diaries Survivor


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