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  • n. A peptide that is composed of two amino acid molecules linked by a peptide bond.

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  • n. An organic compound formed from two amino acids joined by a peptide bond.

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  • n. A condensation-product of the anhydrids of two amido-acids which are derived from the albuminous molecule. See digestion products.


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  • This dipeptide is then combined with a third modified amino acid to give a tripeptide and so on.

    The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1984 - Presentation Speech

  • If one of these protecting groups in the dipeptide is later selectively removed and reaction with a third amino acid containing one protected group carried out, a tripeptide is formed.

    Press Release: The 1984 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

  • That this House expresses deep concern over the numerous independent toxicological studies and thousands of subjective reports attesting to the toxic effects of the artificial sweetener aspartame on human health; notes that aspartame, once patented as a biochemical warfare agent, is the synthetically produced methyl ester of a dipeptide which is readily broken down in the gut to release methanol; further notes that in naturally occurring foodstuff methanol is either not released into the body or present together with natural defence mechanisms that mitigate its toxic effects; recognises that methanol is a well known poison and is further converted into formaldehyde, a class A carcinogen according to the World Health Organisation's International Agency for Research on Cancer; accepts that severe health concerns occur from the gradual accumulation of formaldehyde in the body which cannot be excreted and that further research has shown that long term low level exposure to formaldehyde induces leukaemia and nasopharyngeal cancer in humans; acknowledges that of the 166 studies conducted on aspartame's safety deemed relevant to humans, 92 per cent. of independently sponsored studies identified one or more problems with aspartame's safety whereas industry-sponsored studies found unanimously in favour of aspartame's safety; and urges the Government to abide by the precautionary principle and make use of Statutes 13 and 16 of the 1990 Food Safety Act to remove aspartame from the permitted list of additives on the UK market.

    Roger Williams, UK Parliament Member, Applauds Reinvestigation of Aspartame's Neurotoxicity

  • D. Searle chemist who, when he was trying to create an anti-ulcer drug, combined two amino acids, aspartic acid and phenylalanine and found that the resulting dipeptide (a molecule consisting of two amino acids) had an intensely sweet taste to the tongue.

    Duty to Warn: Diet Coke is Poison

  • The phenylalanine from the dipeptide component of the aspartame molecule, is a major precursor in the norepinephrine-dopamine synthetic pathway.

    Pennsylvania Psychiatrist and Aspartame Expert Endorses Hawaii and New Mexico Aspartame Legislation

  • The sludge of bacterial proteins is centrifuged to separate out differing molecular weights, and the dipeptide is spun out for transfer to tankers to transport for packing and marketing at other facilities.


  • The poison of Aspartame dipeptide is a deadly neurotoxin and genotoxin.


  • Potential effects of the dipeptide sweetener aspartame on the brain.

    Santa Fe Pediatrician Regales Hawaii Legislative Committee with Dangers of Aspartame

  • However, when it is present as a cysteine-cysteine dipeptide, called cystine, it is more stable than cysteine.

    Food Sources That Boost Glutathione Naturally

  • Animal studies have demonstrated that a dipeptide called carnosine not to be confused with L-carnitine not only inhibited glycation but extended lifespan, improved brain function, and even improved the appearance of rats by keeping their fur dark and glossy and reducing skin ulcers.

    The Truth About Beauty


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