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  • n. Common misspelling of dearth.


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  • However, with the dirth of excellent quality news available for free, I am just not sure how successful newspapers will be if they keep on relying on paid subscriptions.

    Why the Kindle HD Can’t Save Newspapers

  • While you may think there's some kind of bias against intelligent agents as that mechanism, the real problem is simply a dirth of explorable hypotheses about intelligent agents, mainly because the obvious ones, such as the literal Biblical story of Creation or directed pansperimia from Mars, have long since been ruled out (at least, based on what evidence we have so far).

    Antony Flew dies at 87

  • The money STILLERSTRONG raises will go directly to help provide the school with a well for clean drinking water and better school supplies, as well as help local farmers grow a consistent dirth of crops on the surrounding 500 acres.

    STILLERSTRONG Supports Haiti School Through Ideas Borrowed From Other Charities

  • "I have read great things about his works and am really looking forward to one day reading Riverworld but with the dirth of titles on offer I would like to hear one clear and concise reason why do it."

    POLL RESULTS: Our Favorite Philip Jose Farmer Book

  • We regularly use your product and like it to no dirth!

    New Fixes and Features on Billmonk « Notes from the BillMonk

  • Am I wrong about the dirth of sf written by Africans not African Americanswho are culturally Africans and not Americans?

    ianmcdonald: Spingate

  • We've heard all about Obama dirth laundry hroughout this campaign but have yet to really hear what's going on jer, what about PETER PAUL Vs. CLINTON'S.

    Angry Clinton supporters tell party leaders: 'Let's go McCain!'

  • I'm sure you, my serious-but-not-too-serious first Tier'd Tribe, have been following this Maddening August of Town Hall Health Care Debates/Red Scares, Double Dares, Sneers, Jeers, Lies, Bad Punches resulting in digit-dismemberment and a severe dirth of civil discourse as closely as I have.

    Pass Along this Open Letter to the Republican Party

  • It's not like he's some unemployed bum with a dirth of free time on his hands ... er,

    Obama Nabs Another Super-Delegate

  • It's not like he's some unemployed bum with a dirth of free time on his hands, an elementary school reading level, and the IQ of a large rabbit.

    Obama Nabs Another Super-Delegate


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