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  • Their thin long disc-like bodies fluttering about maybe a long tentacle slowly titillating my arm or cheek or eyelid as I pretended to sleep.

    Getting Put On

  • The first delicate pastel-green leaves on the seedlings of these mighty trees are borne on shoots that spring up through the centre of broad, dark green, disc-like cotyledons.

    Country diary: Millyford Bridge, New Forest

  • I saw many variations of this snack, some that looked like pita breads and some that more closely resembled large disc-like donuts.

    Homemade Hotteok | Baking Bites

  • Due to conservation of angular momentum, gas falling into the gravitational well created by a massive object will typically form a disc-like structure around the object.

    Extra-Galactic Whopper Black Hole Breaks Distance Record | Universe Today

  • As you drive by, the shimmering blue disc-like structure, which seems to float on top of its vast green lawn, looks more like a flying saucer than a building.

    Looking for Mr. Wright

  • Scoring a bullseye on a thrown weapon such as throwing an opponent's disc-like helm as a frisbee causes the camera to go into a missile-cam mode as your shot flies towards its unfortunate target.

    Tokyo Game Show - Day 3

  • Most of the smaller branches had small disc-like swellings along their length, and several of these had developed holes within the swellings.

    The Last of the Wilds

  • So upset was the prisoner that the tips of the tentacles that lined the protruding, disc-like upper third of the educator's body had withdrawn in upon themselves.

    Sliding Scales

  • He pointed to the viewscreen where a pate disc-like object had become visible, its diameter was still very small.

    Plasma Monster

  • The fruit-bearing part is often cup-shaped, disc-like, or club-shaped, thicker at the top or covered with irregular swellings and depressions like the human brain.

    Among the Mushrooms A Guide For Beginners


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