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  • n. Introduction of evidence which conclusively establishes that a belief or hypothesis is not true or which diminishes the acceptability of a belief or hypothesis.
  • n. A particular fact, observation, or other item of evidence which shows or tends to show that a belief or hypothesis is not true.


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  • The easiest way to do this is to come up with a glib explanation for the failure, to explain how this failure is not real - or can readily be overcome - and to power ahead so that any disconfirmation of a person's world view is interpreted instead as affirmation for it.

    Stanton Peele: Afghanistan: The Psychology of Failure as Justification for Continuing Futility

  • Over the years, I have tried to help people see that this contentious debate is not purely a matter of "the evidence," but instead deeply involves such things as stereotypes, confirmation bias, disconfirmation bias, and tribalism.

    2008 May - Telic Thoughts

  • It would be a wonderful test of confirmation/disconfirmation for the narrative I hope to complete!

    Are dem bunny prints?

  • Bad impressions and bad stereotypes are quicker to form and more resistant to disconfirmation than good ones.

    The Way We’re Working Isn’t Working

  • On the one hand, it confirms that what may have worked in the past is no longer a viable option; social psychologist Kurt Lewin, the founder of force field analysis, would have called this disconfirmation.

    Alex Pattakos: Understanding the Magician's Journey: Intuition as Spirit

  • When we compare the standard historicist theory (SHT) with Doherty's ahistoricist or "mythicist" theory (DMT) by the criteria of the Argument to the Best Explanation, I must admit that, at present, Doherty wins on at least four out of the six criteria (scope, power, plausibility, and ad hocness ; I think DMT is equal to SHT on the fifth criterion of disconfirmation ; neither SHT nor DMT wins on the sixth and decisive criterion).

    Mythicist Misunderstanding

  • I have spoken of naïve realism, disconfirmation bias, stereotypes, maintaining an open mind, and confirmation bias.

    Ambiguity Tolerance

  • Otherwise, the investigation is just an attempt to prove or disprove what one already believes and is thus prone to confirmation or disconfirmation bias.

    2008 February - Telic Thoughts

  • What separates rational argument from ideological or religious wrangling, Popper explained, is the possibility of disconfirmation.

    Marty Kaplan: How Would the Right Know It's Wrong?

  • (The validation or disconfirmation of the “double dividend hypothesis” depends largely on whether the economist evaluating the topic was funded by an oil company or a public institution.)

    Herman Daly Festschrift~ Ecological and Georgist Economic Principles~ A Comparison


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