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  • verb Present participle of discredit.


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  • Having been handed them, it has succeeded in discrediting itself in less than forty days.

    Stromata Blog:

  • Having been handed them, it has succeeded in discrediting itself in less than forty days.

    Why I Am Not a (Complete and Utter) Pessimist

  • Your cheap and amateurish attempt at discrediting someone using a simpleton†™ s logic only succeeds in discrediting yourself.

    Think Progress » Passage of India Nuclear Deal Sends The Wrong Message To North Korea, Iran

  • But could the spectacle of a completely discredited president -- where the discrediting is in effect led by Jim Baker, not by Nancy Pelosi -- putting American soldiers (including Jim Webb's son) in jeopardy for no truly defensible reason, relying only on his legal powers as president, be the trainwreck needed to generate serious discussion of the merits of a fixed-term, non-replaceable (save for criminal misconduct) president?


  • In those countries where economic assistance is necessary, they have cunningly attributed the present unfortunate stage of the masses solely to the government by former colonial powers, and although they, themselves, have done comparatively little by way of actual help or assistance, they have succeeded in discrediting, in considerable measure, Western aid, by associating it with colonialism and Dollar imperialism.

    Canada and NATO

  • Victory will come only when Washington succeeds in discrediting the terrorists’ ideology and undermining their support.

    Can The War On Terror Be Won? | Disinformation

  • Libby’s criminal lies were about his part in discrediting claims that the administration’s rationale for invading Iraq was bogus.

    mjh's blog — 2007 — July

  • Since this is a flat out lie, Rove was actively engaged in discrediting Wilson’s Op-Ed and Wilson’s creditability.

    Think Progress » BREAKING: Rove’s Legal Troubles More Extensive Than Previously Reported

  • You didn’t post a link, because you knew that it would aid in discrediting your stolen opinions.

    Think Progress » Media Matters debunks UCLA study

  • And the mudfight that ensued — whether it succeeded in discrediting Clarke or not — had a benefit for the White House: it made Clarke’s charges seem like just another round in the never-ending partisan tussles of Washington.

    April 2004


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