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  • adj. That can be discriminated; distinguishable: discriminable faults; a skyline that was discriminable even through smog.

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  • adj. That can be discriminated or distinguished from others

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • adj. Capable of being discriminated.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • That may be discriminated.

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  • adj. capable of being discriminated


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  • The OHRC does not indicate that current or past position is a discriminable ground.

    Criminal Defence Lawyers Need Not Apply : Law is Cool

  • For each minimally discriminable point within the perceiver's perceptual field (where these are identified relative to an origin and axes centered in the perceiver's body) we need to start by specifying whether it is occupied by a surface and, if so, what the orientation, solidity, hue, brightness and saturation of that surface are.

    Nonconceptual Mental Content

  • Blockhead is a creature that looks just like a human being, but that is controlled by a “game-of-life look-up tree,” i.e. by a tree that contains a programmed response for every discriminable input at each stage in the creature's life.

    The Turing Test

  • When considering the kind of cognitive resources required for representing and acquiring these concepts and actions, the sacred and the profane may be less discriminable than is commonly assumed...

    A Comprehensive Theory of Religious Cognition

  • To separate the cognizing subject from its object, to attend to one discriminable element apart from its surrounding, and the like, are all condemned as falsifications of reality.

    Dictionary of the History of Ideas

  • In the discrimination box (Figures 14 and 15, p. 92) the two electric-boxes which were otherwise exactly alike in appearance were rendered discriminable for the mouse by the presence of white cardboards in one and black cardboards in the other.

    The Dancing Mouse A Study in Animal Behavior

  • As it has already been proved that they readily learn to choose the right box under discriminable conditions, it seems reasonable to conclude either that they lack green-blue vision, or that they have it in a relatively undeveloped state.

    The Dancing Mouse A Study in Animal Behavior

  • I chose to work with three values, 5, 20, and 80 hefners, and I was able to discover with a fair degree of accuracy how much less than 5, 20, or 80 hefners, as the case might be, the variable light had to be in order that it should be discriminable from the other.

    The Dancing Mouse A Study in Animal Behavior

  • This is the most important of all the combinations in view of the results already described, for these colors represent the extremes of the visible spectrum, and might therefore be discriminable, even though those which are nearer together in the spectral series were not.

    The Dancing Mouse A Study in Animal Behavior

  • If these in turn proved to be discriminable, No. 10 could be used with No. 14, with No. 13, and so on until either the limit of discrimination or that of the series had been reached.

    The Dancing Mouse A Study in Animal Behavior


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