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  • n. The separation of church and state; the removal of a policy of having an official governing religion.

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  • n. The act or process of unsettling or breaking up that which has been established; specifically, the withdrawal of the support of the state from an established church.
  • n. The condition of being disestablished.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. The act of depriving, or the condition of being deprived, of the position and privileges of an established body; especially, the act of withdrawing a church from a privileged relation to the state: as, the disestablishment of the Irish Church by Parliament in 1869.

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  • n. the act terminating an established state of affairs; especially ending a connection with the Church of England


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  • Since the restoration, and what may be called the disestablishment of Buddhism, the shrine of Iyeyasu has been shorn of all its glories of ritual and its magnificent Buddhist paraphernalia; the 200 priests who gave it splendour are scattered, and six Shinto priests alternately attend upon it as much for the purpose of selling tickets of admission as for any priestly duties.

    Unbeaten Tracks in Japan

  • All of the five possible legal solutions to the issue of same-sex couples — redefinition of marriage, civil unions, domestic partnerships, federal marriage amendment, and what I am calling disestablishment — strike me as seriously flawed and likely to be harmful to children.

    Alas, a blog » 2004 » April

  • That idea was consistently rejected, and, stranger still, the idea of disestablishment and separation was almost unperceived.

    Lectures on the French Revolution

  • For the extreme Lollards, of whom he was one, looked upon the two political acts which we have learned to call disestablishment and disendowment, as not only permissible, but desirable.

    The White Rose of Langley A Story of the Olden Time

  • "disestablishment" - a distinction all the more significant because the Constitution's Religion Clauses do not mandate the separate of church and state, but they forbid the

    Conservapedia - Recent changes [en]

  • UPDATE: Jim Lindgren at Volokh Conspiracy takes me to task for using the expression "separation of Church and State" instead of "disestablishment": "What Madison wanted in the 1780s was disestablishment of religion and equal liberty for different religions, not a 'wall of separation.'"

    The Nation, not helping the argument for separating Church and State.

  • Many of the parishes recommended for "disestablishment" and being put up for sale are among the most historic in the province.

    The Globe and Mail - Home RSS feed

  • Positions in finance, business partnerships, planning and regulation and environmental management are among others also earmarked for 'disestablishment'.

    Manchester Evening News - RSS Feed

  • n. - compound-word formation from discrete word elements, or the creation of derivatives and inflections, by added affixes, e.g. 'disestablishment' from 'dis',

    xml's Blinklist.com

  • "the sceptics - both at Buckingham Palace and Clarence House - fear, to the contrary, that it would inevitably mean 'disestablishment' by the back door".

    Top stories from Times Online


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