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  • adj. having a flat circular shape


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  • An American retrieval team quickly rushed to the scene from Ramstein and found the flat disk-shaped object, about

    Derek Hennessy aka Connor O

  • When the motorboat arrived at the right spot in the middle of the lake, my daughters and nieces jumped into the water, clambered atop the big buouyant disk-shaped tube wide enough for three to lie face-down, and clutch the handles, waiting for the craft to zoom off.

    Michele Somerville: It Takes a (Christmas) Village to Raise a Child With Autism

  • The celebrant was young, half her age at most, with clear, disk-shaped lenses set in wireless frames.

    The Sin Eater

  • Julianna's comb and wattles were vivid red, and he sported white disk-shaped “ear - lobes,” part of the rooster's dangly parts, as I called them, below the ear holes.

    The Chicken Chronicles

  • And in Amsterdam, Nina Farkache created a home bench called "Bench 'Come a little bit closer'" with disk-shaped seats that glide over a marble-topped bench, allowing people to play with personal space.

    Dylan Kendall: Aesthetics and the City: Building Commuinity

  • Comanches, meanwhile, carried a far more effective and battle-tested assortment of weapons: a disk-shaped buffalo-hide shield, a fourteen-foot plains lance, a sinew-backed bow, and a quiver of iron-tipped arrows.


  • The small, disk-shaped kernels come in many colors usually beige and cook in about 15 minutes.

    The Food Matters Cookbook

  • When our solar system began to take shape, roughly 4.5 billion years ago, it was a disk-shaped cloud of gas and dust spinning around a dense core, which became the sun.

    Earth contains a vast amount of water, but scientists are unsure of its origins

  • The new Casio Edifice watch EQW-M1100 is equipped with a 1/1000-second stopwatch and exciting disk-shaped indicators that show time measurement results.

    March 2010 -

  • The new EQW-M1100 displays time elapsed using a smart combination of the second hand and motorized disk-shaped indicators.

    March 2010 -


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