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  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of dislike.
  • n. Plural form of dislike.


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  • Justice Kagan noted that the court has long been protective of even outrageous opinions because to impose damages based on a jury's tastes, likes or dislikes, is to undermine the whole idea of free speech.

    High Court Struggles With Military Funerals Case

  • What I really think he dislikes is who is wearing it.

    My God George Will is a bigger fashion snob than me! - dfi

  • What Evans really dislikes is art itself, at least as far as it has dared to sully the innocence of fiction: "The histories of the novel and of storytelling ran together until the early 20th century; since the 1920s, that history has been one of formal drift, away from the novel as a social form that described how characters live in relation to others ..."

    Narrative Strategies

  • I'm trying to be honest; It's difficult to pick out my likes and dislikes from a movie like thisbecause there isn't much to really stab at.

    Hell Ride Review

  • After all, one thing an Englishman particularly dislikes is a good old-fashioned gold-plated hypocrite like Mr. Byrne.

    Another Guilty Leftie Hyprocrite

  • And one thing he dislikes is a score that prescribes durations, something he believes should change according to the circumstances of the performance.

    Tanglewood Festival: Composers in Waiting, Well, Wait - ArtsBeat Blog -

  • He objects, with some justification, to the raggedness of Shakespeare’s plays, the irrelevancies, the incredible plots, the exaggerated language: but what at bottom he probably most dislikes is a sort of exuberance, a tendency to takenot so much a pleasure as simply an interest in the actual process of life.

    Lear, Tolstoy and the Fool

  • When employees are straight-jacketed into formulaic roles that don’t take sufficient advantage of individual strengths and weaknesses, or likes and dislikes, is it any surprise that their abilities are not used effectively?

    The Corporate Death of the Synergistic Team? « TalentedApps

  • She simply has her likes and dislikes, that is all.

    The Kempton-Wace Letters

  • If even one person enjoys the music Holland dislikes, that is enough to prove the science and linguistic arguments are irrelevant.

    He Beat Me to It


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