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  • n. The state or quality of being dismal.

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  • n. The quality of being dismal; gloominess.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. The state of being dismal.


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dismal +‎ -ness


  • These attempts at brightness, I'm afraid, only accentuate the dismalness of the hall itself, an ironic testament to its designer, Phillip Johnson, one of the great tastemakers of the 20th century.

    Howard Kissel: Ravel et al. at the Philharmonic

  • The sight of a shiny wet road retained its life-long capacity to induce dismalness in Wollheim: "Even today," he writes, "when in actuality the sheen on a bright wet surface has more or less lost its terrors for me, I have only in imagination to take myself back in years, and recall it in the mind's eye, and, in such moments, once again understand the full dismal power that the experience had over me."

    The Ordinary Sky: Wordsworth, Blanchot, and the Writing of Disaster

  • SMITH: You know, I sometimes get the feeling that all the darkness and dismalness you write about and we hear in this album, that it's a little bit of a front.

    Jesse Malin: Rock 'N' Roll From The Bowery

  • And, indeed, each time that I cast the stone, the noise of the stone to make a little trouble and dismalness in mine ears; for all did be so quiet and desolate and lost in night, that it to make us to need to be likewise so quiet, and to desire that we might go upward so silent as shadows.

    The Night Land

  • He went through the big house by himself, and he admitted to me that it had an uncomfortable feeling about it; but, of course, that might be nothing more than the natural dismalness of a big, empty house, which has been long uninhabited, and through which you are wandering alone.

    Carnacki, the Ghost Finder

  • Already the dismalness of a level land comes over me.

    A Lady's Life in the Rocky Mountains

  • Apart from the general air of dismalness, the place was as I had left it the night before.

    The House on the Borderland

  • It was the look of them, partly: the skanky paper, the low-mirth smudginess of their production; but also the dismalness of the schoolyard world they portrayed: discipline versus cheekiness, small victories, practical jokes, jeering, every teacher undernourished, every kid drawn as though he had rickets.

    Kalooki Nights

  • She gazed about their bedroom, and its full dismalness crawled over her: the awkward knuckly L-shape of it; the black walnut bed with apples and spotty pears carved on the headboard; the imitation maple bureau, with pink-daubed scent-bottles and a petticoated pin-cushion on a marble slab uncomfortably like a gravestone; the plain pine washstand and the garlanded water - pitcher and bowl.

    Main Street

  • And between, in between, were the tattered remnants of the old coaching and cottage England, even the England of Robin Hood, where the miners prowled with the dismalness of suppressed sporting instincts, when they were not at work.

    Lady Chatterley's Lover


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