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  • Scotch for does not.


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  • That disna sound like a proper thing for a lady to be saying, lass.

    Healing the Highlander

  • Well, she disna have the look of any of yer departed relatives, nor does she come with a pack of nasty beasties determined to dirty our home.

    Healing the Highlander

  • But it disna become me to speak that gate to your honour, adn you looking sae pale.

    The Bride of Lammermoor

  • “And I hope your lordship disna want that muckle,” said

    The Bride of Lammermoor

  • “Na, na, Robin,” said the cautious burgher, “I seldom like to leave the Gorbals; 44 I have nae freedom to gang among your wild hills, Robin, and your kilted red-shanks — it disna become my place, man.”

    Rob Roy

  • For meal and malt she disna want nor onything that's dainty

    Merry May the Maid Be

  • Deacon -- save by sight and repute, as ane that disna spend, an 'isna verra sociable; yet he attends the Great Kirk, "comes forrit," does he not, to the Holy Table?'

    Border Ghost Stories

  • 'There's many a body that micht be the better of a bit "gliff," but it disna always last, and it's a daungerous game to play at.

    Border Ghost Stories

  • His hairt is gey weak -- and he says -- if he disna recover he'll haunt ye -- for what ye've done. '

    Border Ghost Stories

  • 'Look ye,' he addressed himself to the captive, 'the guidwife is verra tender hairted: she disna care to see ye trail i' the wind, but will offer ye Meg, oor daughter, instead o 'the halter ye hae truly earned.

    Border Ghost Stories


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