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  • Things so unequal or unlike that they can not be compared with each other.


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  • La OMS organiza nueva reunión sobre la gripe y el intercambio de virus gripales, mientras Europa analiza los "disparates" de la OMS Grupo de expertos considera que el acceso a los medicamentos seguros es una cuestión de salud pública y no de propiedad intelectual Print This Post

    Intellectual Property Watch

  • I guess as a National English Honor Society recipient several years running I may be jaded as to use of vocabulary and diction, but it would go a long way to enabling a common ground AND goal for disparates faiths, cultures and races.

    A different perspective on Carradine's career.

  • Nunca foi tão verdade como agora dizer que a televisão está cheia de disparates pegados.


  • The world blocks the mind, stones in a river, but thought overflows these material dams, moving as one, a unity of disparates, given one direction by their natural place, rushing like music to a divine consummation;

    Archive 2005-06-01

  • Bem, está na hora de me deixar de disparates e pôr-me a fazer o jantar, que isto de encher a pança a dez pessoas tem que se lhe diga.

    Vazio Finito II

  • And the two faculties it connects, being one by analogy and numerically, are each to each as the qualities discerned are to one another (for what difference does it make whether we raise the problem of discrimination between disparates or between contraries, e.g. white and black?).

    On the Soul

  • Le Canada est ne de la determination des Sir John A. Macdonald, Sir G.E. Cartier, D'Arcy McGee et autres visionnaires qui ont senti au milieu du siecle dernier que ces colonies disparates erigees sur les bords du majesteux St Laurent ne pourrait survivre et grandir qu'en s'unissant.

    Transport in Canada and National Unity

  • In his definition of the Imagination, this unity becomes a unity of disparates, or even of contraries, thus converging into another speculative doctrine dear to the idealists: the unity of opposites.


  • Invention thus split into invention of “artificial” argu - ments (intrinsic or analytic arguments such as causes and effects, subjects, adjuncts, disparates, contraries, etc.) and invention of “inartificial” arguments (extrinsic arguments, such as testimony, less cogent than the artificial).


  • The doggerel metre, never heavy or coarse, but framed as to be the very voice of mocking laughter, the astounding similes and disparates, the rhymes which seem to chuckle and to sneer of themselves, the wonderful learning with which the abuse of learning is rebuked, the subtlety with which subtle casuistry is set at nought can never be missed.

    Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 4, Part 4 "Bulgaria" to "Calgary"


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