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  • n. Want of peace or quiet; dissension.


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  • He had that chance; but if he had done so, using his legitimate power, serving an end which would help his party, and we may say his class, he would thereby probably have brought a certain dispeace into the industrial life of Britain.

    A New Canadian's Impressions of Britain

  • But you know I am risking my annuity from Mr. Phillips by coming here to see you; but I heard in Adelaide that for the first time since you was married I might have the chance of seeing you, without making dispeace, which is the last thing I would wish to do.

    Mr. Hogarth's Will

  • It was not, perhaps, mission work in the ordinary sense any more than much of Dr. Livingstone's work was missionary work, but it was an effort to break down the conditions that perpetuated wrong and dispeace, and to introduce the forces of righteousness and goodwill.

    Mary Slessor of Calabar: Pioneer Missionary

  • But Defoe assures his readers he means to go on writing about the Union until he can see some prospect of calm among the men who are trying to make dispeace.

    English Literature for Boys and Girls

  • What an amount of strain, dispeace, and estrangement conversion must have produced, if one member was a Christian while another clung to the old religion!

    The Mission and Expansion of Christianity in the First Three Centuries

  • Why, because I am a girl, should the poor lady be traiked all over the world in an agony of dispeace?


  • The connection with the royal family, which had been thrust upon Clarendon to his indignation and sorely against his will, proved a new source of anxiety and dispeace.

    Life of Edward Earl of Clarendon — Volume 02

  • Tacitus, contrived to make the dispeace permanent.


  • We have not space to disentangle the intricacies of David's first great domestic struggles; briefly, there was eternal dispeace caused by the

    A Short History of Scotland

  • Before the end of 1890, at least, it began to be rumoured that there was dispeace between the two Malietoas; and doubtless this had an unsettling influence throughout the islands.

    A Footnote to History Eight Years of Trouble in Samoa


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