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  • With arrangement; in good order; properly.


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  • I answered that Your Majesty danced not so high or disposedly as she did and 'twas true, for she forgets all modesty in dancing and leaps about like a man.

    Mary Queen Of Scotland And The Isles

  • Finally, Miss Twitterton, tearful but nattered, was conveyed to Pagford by Bunter in the car, with her bicycle perched ‘high and disposedly’ upon the back seat.

    Busman's Honeymoon

  • The sight of Psmith and Mr Rossiter proceeding high and disposedly to a mutual lunch became quite common, and ceased to excite remark.

    Psmith in the City

  • On which Mr. Beach, extending a crooked elbow toward the housekeeper, would say, "Mr.. Twemlow!" and lead the way, high and disposedly, down the passage, followed in order of rank by the rest of the company, in couples, to the steward's room.

    Something New

  • It had cost Mr. McEachern some pains to learn this lesson, but he had done it; and he proceeded on the present occasion to conduct himself high and disposedly, according to instructions from headquarters.

    The Gem Collector

  • Then came Venus -- an exact copy of my own plaster cast -- serene, calm-eyed, dancing "high and disposedly" like

    The World I Live In

  • Here ceremonial might be viewed in its finest flower, and we conducted ourselves, like Queen Elizabeth when she trod the measure, "high and disposedly."

    The Golden Age

  • There was the master cook, comfortably stout and walking 'high and disposedly', as Queen

    Medieval People

  • But the groups had drawn together into one, and were watching a child who, solitary upon the grass-plot, paced through a measure before them 'high and disposedly.'

    Brother Copas

  • Also she took care to speak the last seven words (as Queen Elizabeth danced) "high and disposedly," giving her friend no time for a _riposte_.

    Nicky-Nan, Reservist


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