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  • v. Recommend the opposite or negation of.


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  • It's over 1000 pages, so I call it Book Without End, but it is pretty interesting, so I don't disrecommend it for those of you who have patience.

    Arrogance Without End

  • CT scans are awesome. they're not very difficult (the contrast you have to drink comes in several flavors - i suggest berry and disrecommend the banana). if you are allergic to shellfish, LET THEM KNOW as the injected contrast stuff is derived from something that has the same allergen as most folks have for shellfish. the scans give great visualization into the state of your innards. you don't say what the actual surgery is. is it just doing something to the cysts? or a full-blown ovary removal? if this whole condition has been such an negative influence on your life, i'd suggest looking strongly at surgery. for context, i'm a woman who has had a hysterectomy, but it was for cancer not any kind of painful menstrual symptoms

    Ask MetaFilter


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