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  • adj. That can be dissociated; separable: To many, drugs and crime are not dissociable.

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  • adj. Able to be dissociated, divided or separated.
  • adj. Not well associated or assorted; incongruous.
  • adj. Having a tendency to dissolve social connections; unsuited to society; unsociable.

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  • adj. Not well associated or assorted; incongruous.
  • adj. Having a tendency to dissolve social connections; unsuitable to society; unsociable.

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  • Not well associated, united, or assorted; not sociable; incongruous; not reconcilable.
  • Capable of being dissociated.

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  • adj. capable of being divided or dissociated


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Latin dissociabilis, from dissociare: compare French dissociable. See dissociate.


  • "dissociable," with tongues which he cannot utter, or cannot understand; that, like the wife of Hector, it proclaims in accents scarcely to be resisted, that there is a tower assigned to everyman, where it is his first duty to plant himself for the sake of his own, and in the defence of which he will find perhaps enough to do, without extending his care to the whole circuit of the city walls.

    The Mirror of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction Volume 13, No. 371, May 23, 1829

  • Our data indicate that mechanisms for the emergence of gender versus racial bias are neurogenetically dissociable.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » “Children Who Form No Racial Stereotypes Found”

  • Publisher: Putman Media, Inc. Influence of the formamidine pesticide chlordimeform on ovulation in the female hamster: dissociable shifts in the luteinizing hormone surge and oocyte release (SuDoc EP 1.23/6: 600/J-94/040) by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

    OpEdNews - Quicklink: US Drinking Water and Watersheds Widely Contaminated by Hormone Disrupting Pesticide, Atrazine

  • They report that “wanting” and “liking” have “are in fact dissociable and have different neural substrates.”

    Revealed Preference vs. Happiness, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • According to Hardcastle, pain is a complex phenomenon consisting of many dissociable dimensions.


  • Each of these disorders have been found in otherwise cognitively normal individuals, suggesting that the lost capacities are subserved by functionally dissociable mechanisms.

    Modularity of Mind

  • To say that a system is functionally dissociable is to say that it can be selectively impaired, that is, damaged or disabled with little or no effect on the operation of other systems.

    Modularity of Mind

  • In the text I prefer “valuing” for this act of the Will distinguishable from pleasure and arguably antecedent to and dissociable from it, as on Ockham's own view.


  • For that, it would be necessary in the future (but there will be no future except on this condition) to think both the event and the machine as two compatible or even in-dissociable concepts.

    Jacques Derrida

  • “On the relation between memory and consciousness: dissociable interactions and consciousness.”



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