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  • n. Plural form of dissonance.


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  • A couple months ago, when Google Desktop was released, I wrote an entry saying I didn’t trust Google, especially because of certain dissonances in its declared policy (Don’t be evil) and its actions — for example, when Google News bowed to China’s government and censored search results.

    Reflective Surface - Trusting Google

  • The composer wanted to introduce some of he describes as "uncomfortable" notions (such as dissonances, pentuplets and intentionally vague rhythmic packaging) within a more comfortable context; such as blues-influenced melodies and harmonies.

    Audiophile Audition Headlines

  • Fluttering melodic figures, submerged in whole-tone scales and rippling intervals, escaped into the air only to evaporate into a limpid, Wagnerian fog, specked by floating dissonances.

    An Otherworldly Opera

  • At times he directs the massed musicians in violent stabs of sound, at others he brings out startlingly lovely dissonances and consonances that are rather like finding a Bird in Igor's yard.

    Passing Down the Piano Torch Song

  • But he adds that also in the ecclesial environment dissonances emerged: At times - he ends with a pinch of bitterness - one has the impression that our society needs at least one group for which it does not reserve any tolerance; which one can unperturbedly set upon with hatred.

    Advance Report on the Papal Letter about the Lifting of the SSPX Excommunications II

  • This hornet's nest of densely knotted dissonances and sound effects pushes the four players to the limits, but the performance was mostly a success.

    Juilliard quartet newcomer Joseph Lin challenged by lack of gravitas

  • As he played Chopin's D flat Nocturne, its simple song and silken dissonances sounding in the ghostly gloom of the Turbine Hall, no one stirred.

    Daniel Barenboim - review

  • Bruce Williams played a Coltrane-esque solo on alto, even as pianist Sullivan Fortner seemed to be going out of his way to replicate the angular, spiky dissonances of McCoy Tyner.

    A Young Lion, All Grown Up

  • And it kind of provides these really interesting dissonances but kind of grooves too.

    Angola, Spare Standards And A Zooid: New Jazz Albums

  • Fugue, counterpoint, extraordinary poly-rhythms and dissonances that few of the usual tango musicians in Buenos Aires -- as fine as surely they were -- could even comprehend.

    Terence Clarke: Piazzolla, Before and After


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