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  • adv. In a distributive manner

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • adv. By distribution; singly; not collectively; in a distributive manner.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • By distribution; singly; not collectively; in a distributive sense.

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  • adv. in a distributive manner
  • adv. as individuals or as separate units (not collectively)


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  • Thus a common name distributively refers to concrete individuals, though not to them qua individuals.

    Peter Abelard

  • A Collective Term denotes a multitude of similar things considered as forming one whole, as 'regiment,' 'flock,' 'nation': not distributively, that is, not the similar things severally; to denote them we must say

    Logic Deductive and Inductive

  • That those evils of prelaty, which before from five or six and twenty sees were distributively charged upon the whole people, will now light wholly upon learning, is not obscure to us: whenas now the pastor of a small unlearned parish on the sudden shall be exalted archbishop over a large diocese of books, and yet not remove, but keep his other cure too, a mystical pluralist.


  • Now, if every being distributively were dependent and made, the whole would be so, not by a single dependence or but by a collection of them; this is precisely the way in which a whole like this is dependent.

    Suarezian Arguments Against Circular and Infinite Regress of Efficient Causes

  • A relative of identity "supposits or is taken in a proposition as is its antecedent, namely, materially if materially, personally if personally, distributively if distributively, determinately if determinately, merely confusedly if merely confusedly", except as in

    Medieval Theories: Properties of Terms

  • These terms are semantically general, in that their sense applies to more than one thing, but they do not thereby name some general thing; instead, they distributively refer to each of the individuals to which the term applies.

    Peter Abelard

  • With this reservation, therefore, we proceed to human philosophy or humanity, which hath two parts: the one considereth man segregate or distributively, the other congregate or in society; so as human philosophy is either simple and particular, or conjugate and civil.

    The Advancement of Learning

  • He also says that the idea of what people distributively deserve is derivative from social justice rather (as with Aristotle and much common-sense thinking) providing the basis for thinking about social justice.

    Justice as a Virtue

  • Rom. iv., v. Secondly, That by “all,” 1 Tim.ii. 1, is not meant all sorts of men, and the word all is not to be taken distributively, when the apostle, by an enumeration of divers sorts, gives an evident demonstration of the distribution intended.

    The Death of Death in the Death of Christ

  • Taking, then, all and all men distributively, for some of all sorts, we grant the whole; taking them collectively, for all of all sorts, we deny the minor, — namely, that God will have them all to be saved.

    The Death of Death in the Death of Christ


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