divide and conquer love

divide and conquer


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

  • v. A combination of political, military and economic strategies that aim to gain and maintain power by breaking up larger concentrations of power into chunks that individually have less power than the one implementing the strategy.
  • v. In order to rule securely, don't allow alliances of your enemies.
  • n. A strategy for achieving political or military control.
  • n. An algorithm design technique applied to various algorithms, such as quicksort, that solve a problem by splitting it recursively into smaller problems until all of the remaining problems are trivial.


From Latin divide et impera (Wiktionary)


  • By late 1981, the various services and programs to which we had referred the widows, the orphans, and the needy through our work at the collective had been “unfunded” by the Reaganites, whose sole purpose was to begin the dismantling of the middle class, and to divide and conquer the American Woman’s Movement for Equality and Parity.

    Roseanne Archy


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