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  • For example, Harry Braverman claims that the detailed division of labor and the antagonism between management and labor are intrinsic features of capitalist but not of socialist societies.

    Why Nothing Works

  • But we also recall that there is nothing in Smith’s appraisal to suggest that once the division of labor had worked its wonders in the making of a given product, it would spread to new products—textiles, iron-making, who knows what next?

    The Worldly Philosophers

  • I was actually thinking more of myself and my jealousy of Debbie than I was about the division of labor in my family, but my mother, ever the patriarchal apologist, said, “We do nice things for men because they lead the services!” as if I was slow-witted regarding everything that life is really about.

    Roseanne Archy

  • It seems to me that both Marx and Durkheim failed to see that the potential for people to harm each other would increase as a result of the spread of the detailed division of labor to the service-and-information jobs.

    Why Nothing Works

  • So far, Durkheim has turned out to be right about industrial society not splitting apart along class lines, but his idea that the industrial division of labor would result in a more solidaristic form of social life bears as little resemblance to the actual course of events as Marx’s vision of class war followed by a classless utopia.

    Why Nothing Works

  • Avishai, by giving economics its modern narrowness and autonomy, fails to see how cooperation underlies the broad division of labor that makes (e.g.) a standing army and corps of scientists serve the whole of society by conscious foresight — cf.

    An Exchange on Adam Smith

  • Against Marx who foretold that the division of labor would result in a class war between workers and capitalists, turn-of-the-century sociologist Émile Durkheim and his followers argued that industrialization would lead to the “organic” unity of social life.

    Why Nothing Works


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