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  • n. A large, skin-covered drum played with the hands, used in West African - and some fusion music.


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From French djembé, from Mandinka jembe.


  • I was a drummer in high school and like to accompany global hymns with my djembe, which is an African hand drum, or with maracas or claves. ''

    QCOnline Metro News

  • He played a rhythm on an African drum called a djembe, and two students tried to find the corresponding card on the floor.

    The Daily News Transcript Homepage RSS

  • "The djembe is a simpler instrument, the tabla sharper, and more complicated in rhythm," he observes.


  • The trio uses a multitude of instruments - kazoo, trombone, rain stick, thumb piano and an African drum called a djembe, to name a few - but acoustic guitar, electric bass, percussion and flute "tend to show up a lot," Caran said.

    Daily News-Record

  • Dear One, In this video I am showing you my latest drumming rhythm with my 14 inch African drum (known as a "djembe"). - Articles related to Mothers-to-be who gorge on junk food could be putting their grandchildren at risk of breast cancer

  • One day we visited the beach and she asked me to buy her a djembe drum.

    Joe Gressis: The Moment I Knew

  • And then I was like wait, but I have the djembe and the bodhran.


  • Web toed, gill-breathing and all, Mike Coletta, is a real-life true UFO Geek who also tells me he is a freestyle djembe player as well.

    Alexandra Holzer: Mike Coletta: A True UFO Geek (VIDEO)

  • One night he plays djembe drums and another night he gives an American girl a massage in front of everyone that makes her so horny she has to go inside.

    Hotel Chelsea - Scene 4

  • Ask a drummer during a brief lull in the action what keeps him coming to the beach with his big zebra-skinned African djembe, and he extols the mind-clearing, joint-moving, social medicine the circle provides.

    Shock of Gray


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