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  • Anyone who thinks otherwise is blinded by their love of Smith. jason b ever since that lame ass dmx dance scene from zack & miri, smith has taken nothing but steps backwards - just my opinion.

    Kevin Smith’s Cop Out Movie Trailer: These Guys Really Are a Couple of Dicks | /Film

  • But dmx, the basic scenario has already been done!

    Playing with history

  • Nexus Burbclave says: "Virtual world development, in my opinion, has been largely stillborn due to the mean-spirited spectre of market competition that locks up the creatie impulse by reproducing the inequalities of real-life in the virtual life." -dmx

    Well That Was Quick

  • Posted Nov 25, 2008 4:57:46 AM | link dmx says: "Playing the devils advocate, one could argue that competition fuels the creative impulse in many cases, where the lack of it stifles innovation"

    Well That Was Quick

  • Posted Jan 2, 2009 12:48:12 AM | link dmx says: Corporations should not be allowed to protect any ip at all.

    ...and IMVU-Forterra Word Balloon battle outcome (ref Farmer)

  • Without looking at the original article lol, yeah I know. lazy dmx!

    Lying Online

  • It also appears that Goons and others dmx use external forums to similar effect: get new recruits who are "on board w/ alliance viewpoints", "less likely to be enemy plants", and are familiar with what they are getting into.

    The 800 lb gorilla in Eve-Online

  • Posted Feb 12, 2007 7:12:26 AM | link dmx prime says:

    State of the NationStates I: Influence

  • Posted Sep 17, 2007 7:13:10 PM | link dmx says: "Only uncivilized societies have a policy of killing strangers"

    NBSI and the grey problem

  • Without dragging my 0.0 corporation into this discussion, we run a subsidized (Newbies gear are paid for by the taxpayers ;-) noob outreach program like dmx described (though I confess I wish I actually had more time to contribute to it as dmx has done in his).

    The 800 lb gorilla in Eve-Online


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