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  • interj. An intensified version of what or huh.


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  • Past-positive-oriented folks can rely on continuing to do what they always did or what their folks and friends did.

    The Time Paradox

  • In cases where an injury is irreparable, the injurer will be bound to do what he can so that the injured party may be content.

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 12: Philip II-Reuss

  • As the music finished with a flourish he steeled himself to do what he had always suspected he would have to do, from the first moment Biddy Cloom strode down the gangplank of Clancey's boat.


  • His ambitious and convincing epics of charismatic colour and vertigo-inducing space do what painting has always done, and tell stories of sex, death, history and the gods.

    Cy Twombly - an appreciation: Paintings about sex and death

  • I think the regulators just looked the other way to allow the oil coroporations to do what they wanted.

    Propeller Most Popular Stories

  • You just had to do what the teachers expected you to do, and you got gold stars, pencil rewards, and an honored place sitting in the first-row seat.

    The Time Paradox

  • To do what she can to aid the lupus cause, England raises money for the Alliance for Lupus Research and finds corporate sponsors to support the Austin lupus walk.

    The Autoimmune Epidemic

  • Her heart raced and she pictured Kieran Duffy, wondering what thoughts went through his mind in those final moments, and how he found the strength to do what had to be done.


  • Or do what my heart wantedopen it up to him and potentially let him pummel it to death.

    Paradise Lost

  • He also wrote to the French minister at Philadelphia, urging him to do what he could to see to it that Admiral de Grasse reached the American coast in time to cooperate in the plan.

    Angel in the Whirlwind


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