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  • adj. superlative form of dodgy: most dodgy.


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  • The dodgiest was the one Croatia somehow got against Japan- what on earth was that about?

    Ruminations: a crystal ball won't do you much good....

  • The Electoral Commission is seeking an investigation into the claims of multiple voting while Ms Redmond said it was one of a variety of scams that made 2010 the 'dodgiest' election she had been associated with. | Top Stories

  • Opposition Leader Isobel Redmond labelled the election the "dodgiest" she has been involved in, following Labor's ruse to have supporters impersonate Family First officials in marginal seats and give out how-to-vote cards directing preferences to Labor instead of the Liberals. | Top Stories

  • And as shown by the dodgiest sectors of the economy—real estate and telecom—India's trouble is not too much capitalism, but too much government control.

    India's Crony Socialism

  • As a certified Sodomite, attuned to homophobic undercurrents, I'm intently aware of subtext in narratives, how superficially fun and fluffy entertainment can carry the dodgiest of messages.

    Archive 2010-05-01

  • The bank is currently the owner of some €77 billion of some of the dodgiest euro-zone sovereign debt money can buy, as well as a creditor to Ireland's banks to the tune of another €100 billion.

    Draghi's Ascent

  • Knuth and her husband, Dean (a lovely soul), deliver the bedroom set, complete with floral linens, to the ailing woman's home in Kalamazoo's dodgiest neighborhood, meeting drug addicts and would-be thieves along the way.

    Cathleen Falsani: Thrift Store Saints: Tales of a Second-Hand Savior

  • Some of the dodgiest software you will ever see on the desktop.

    Play Flash Videos Under 64-Bit Windows | Lifehacker Australia

  • This kind of CDO consisted almost entirely of not just any subprime risk, but that of the dodgiest layer that could be sold short, the BBB tranches, via a combination of actual bonds and credit default swaps.

    Yves Smith: Rahm Emanuel and Magnetar Capital: The Definition of Compromised

  • I previously thought the Murder She Wrote Irish episode featured the worst Irish accents on film as well as the dodgiest SoCal locations posing as Ireland, but then I saw an episode of Star Trek Voyager where they got to an Oirish begorrah realm on the "Holo Deck" but then that was trumped by those Irish Spring commercials.

    Requiems for the Departed: Crime collection inspired by Irish myths looks like a hit


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