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  • n. The condition of being dodgy
  • n. A dodgy act


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  • And that's it, that seems to be the sum total of the 'dodginess' of MacAskill's 'dossier'.

    Dodgy Dossiers

  • Despite the bombastic patriotism, drooling machine porn, all-round political dodginess, atrocious comedy, antiquated alien-invasion plot, etc, there's something oddly compelling about metropolitan destruction and high-tech combat rendered on this scale.

    This week's new films

  • The whole thing turned out to be a con trick, though, and – to be honest – the dodginess of the entire enterprise couldn't have been more obvious had it been called Scam & Sap.

    Daniel Maier's World of lather

  • Colourful big-name cameos gloss over some political dodginess.

    This week's new films

  • Aside from the whole inescapable dodginess associated with remakes, you have to admit that it's not an easy challenge to scare audiences nowadays, especially with a landscape that has been traversed many times since the '50s.

    The Creature from the Black Lagoon Remake Has Legs «

  • Not only is there no line between art and commerce, there's no line between art and dodginess.

    Challenging the line between art and commerce is cute until it's not cute.

  • Chen not a stranger to Hell or demons in general, having a demon wife has to team up with a demon partner to investigate dodginess in the nether realm.

    Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror: Snake Agent - Liz Williams

  • Think oli has a point - there's definitely a distinction to be made between the dodginess of the line itself and the delivery, and the 'is it still raining?' and 'struck by lightning lines would be okay if said in a light fashion if memory serves, Joss Whedon contributed the latter to the script for X-Men, and is on record as saying how unimpressed he was with Berry's delivery of it.

    Bad, bad, bad movie dialogue

  • French justice has many good ideas (I like the juge des enfants especially, who hears youth criminal cases as well as care, contact and residence cases) but it has some bad ones, too (like its dodginess on the burden of proof in criminal cases).

    Archive 2008-08-01

  • Though despite all this subtle dodginess I'm viewing an apartment at the weekend.

    'Reasonable price, all inclusive single room. Very secure.'


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