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  • n. Scraps and refuse of meat used as food for dogs; especially, inferior meat set apart by a butcher to be sold for such use.


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  • But it is a mortal sin to make us men into dog's-meat, and to hunt us with foreign bloodhound varmint.


  • "Now," said Mr. Graves, when I had shut the door, "where's the dog's-meat man?"

    The Case of Jennie Brice

  • She stopped to buy her dinner, to which she added five cents 'worth of dog's-meat, but the milliner's door was passed coldly by.

    Peak and Prairie From a Colorado Sketch-book

  • Why, we had the very best of cooking; not boiled tag and rag, but nice stews and roasts and hashes, when other men were growling over a dog's-meat dinner.

    Begumbagh A Tale of the Indian Mutiny

  • For the conqueror had sold him to a Moorish dog's-meat man.

    The Bon Gaultier Ballads

  • "Ho there! coachmen and grooms; carry off this dog's-meat to its stall!"

    Russian Fairy Tales A Choice Collection of Muscovite Folk-lore

  • And they sailed many days as in a floating hell, hot, miserable, and cursing; the scanty meal was flung to them like dog's-meat, and they lapped the putrid water from a pail; gang by gang for an hour they might pace the smoking deck, and then and thence were driven down to fester in the hold for three-and-twenty more.

    The Complete Prose Works of Martin Farquhar Tupper

  • 'That's what I call a self-evident proposition, as the dog's-meat man said, when the housemaid told him he warn't a gentleman.'

    The Pickwick Papers

  • When Judith died, Joe, the dog's-meat man, said I war all the better for it, and that she left I a treasure to bring up the urchin.

    Paul Clifford — Complete

  • Joe, the dog's-meat man, had indeed got into society entirely from a knack of saying impertinent things to everybody; and the smartest exclusives of the place, who seldom visited any one where there was not a silver teapot, used to think Joe had a great deal in him because he trundled his cart with his head in the air, and one day gave the very beadle of the parish "the cut direct."

    Paul Clifford — Complete


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