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  • n. The quality of being dogmatic.


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  • I think a certain dogmaticism on the part of American labour is very regrettable; you can blame management all you want, but doesn’t change the fact that American labour is, essentially, pretty dumb and can’t really see the future.

    Matthew Yglesias » EFCA in International Comparison

  • They are willingly blind to their own dogmaticism and if given the chance they would attempt to eradicate any idea that calls their supposed “truth” into question.

    God Is Dead Quotes | My[confined]Space

  • In this sense, Chomsky's strategy echoes the rigid dogmaticism of devout communists.

    Cambodia: Noam Chomsky and Edward Herman: Averaging Wrong Answers

  • *Anti-dogmaticism : the systematic denial of any kind of Church held belief, any kind of conviction that is helf to be sacred.

    The Last Acceptable Prejudice

  • However, system-level dogmaticism must be rejected at all times because that will kill scientific progress.

    The Austrian Economists:

  • In fact, as I have said here before, dogmaticism is never really a problem at the individual level, it is really a problem at the level of the discipline.

    The Austrian Economists:

  • That means the scientists will have STRONG opinions, and too often that is confused with dogmaticism.

    The Austrian Economists:

  • As long as there is open scientific/scholarly competition in the field, dogmaticism doesn't do damage to the advance of science/scholarship.

    The Austrian Economists:

  • But it is my impression that Austrians when the charge of dogmaticism, or ignorance is raised are always accussed of practices that only the worst in the tradition practice.

    Who Is Afraid of Ayn Rand? - The Austrian Economists

  • Still less were they agitated by the literary dogmaticism of Matthew Arnold.

    Matthew Arnold


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