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  • noun sumo The ring, made of compacted clay, in which a sumo wrestling match is held.


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Japanese 土俵 (dohyō)


  • When you tap the lever, the "dohyo" the ring that the players wrestle in shakes, making the wrestlers move.

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  • Women cannot touch or enter the sacred wrestling ring, the "dohyo," lest they contaminate it with their "impurity."

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  • The Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino is building an authentic dohyo, or ring, and hopes to pack in about 12,000 people per night at $75 a pop and up.


  • He had an odd, direct style of speech that, outside the dohyo at least, was stripped of politeness and the traditional niceties.

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  • He was wearing montsuki and hakama just as if he were about to step into the dohyo to begin a match.

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  • Also, during the long summer evenings, these temples are wrestling - grounds, free to all who love wrestling; and in many of them there is a dohyo-ba, or wrestling-ring.

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  • In kgb's first ever Super Bowl commercial - it's kgb vs the web, as two guys step into the dohyo (Sumo ring) to answer the question, "How do you say 'I surrender'?" to a 600 lb. Sumo - Articles related to Iran could halt 20% uranium enrichment if given fuel

  • Sumo is a competitive contact sport where a wrestler (rikishi) attempts to force another wrestler out of a circular ring (dohyo) or to touch the ground with anything other than the soles of the feet. - Articles related to Iran could halt 20% uranium enrichment if given fuel

  • Wrestlers wash their faces, mouths and armpits before entering the dohyo (ring), on whose sacred sand neither shoes nor women may tread.

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  • A modern dohyo is a circle of rice-straw bales 4.55 meters in diameter, mounted on a square platform of clay 6. 7m on a side, and 34 to 60 cm high. Antenna


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