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  • Thence to my brother's and found them with my mayd Elizabeth taking an inventory of the goods of the house, which I was well pleased at, and am much beholden to Mr. Honeywood's man in doing of it.

    The Diary of Samuel Pepys, March 1663/64

  • Among other things Sir John Fredericke and Sir R. Ford did talk of Paul's School, which, they tell me, must be taken away; and then I fear it will be long before another place, as they say is promised, is found; but they do say that the honour of their company is concerned in the doing of it, and that it is a thing that they are obliged to do.

    The Diary of Samuel Pepys, May 1667

  • I went to the office, and there I sat till late, doing of business, and at 9 o'clock walked to Mr. Rawlinson's, thinking to meet my uncle Wight there, where he was, but a great deal of his wife's kindred-women and I knew not whom (which Mr. Rawlinson did seem to me to take much notice of his being led by the nose by his wife),

    The Diary of Samuel Pepys, Nov/Dec 1662

  • Yet, if religion be the doing of all good, and for its sake the suffering of all evil, souffrir de tout le monde et ne faire souffrir personne, that divine secret has existed in England from the days of Alfred to those of Romilly, of Clarkson, and of Florence Nightingale, and in thousands who have no fame.

    English Traits (1856)

  • But according to the reports the resistance to the Karsid offers was largely the doing of one man—a minor government official who led an almost fanatical campaign against them.


  • Once I had the privilege of so doing in company with Generals Johnston and Beauregard; and I will now give my opinion of this, as I purpose doing of such subsequent actions, and commanders therein, as came within the range of my personal experience during the war.

    Generals, Confederate States of America, Biography, Soldiers, Louisiana, Southern States, Army, Louisiana Infantry Regiment, 9th., History, Civil War, 1861-1865, Personal narratives, United States, Campaigns, Military Life, Reconstruction.

  • Suppose that I am not Sarpedon, the son of Zeus, nor able to speak in this noble way: “I will go and I am resolved either to behave bravely myself or to give to another the opportunity of doing so; if I cannot succeed in doing anything myself, I will not grudge another the doing of something noble.”

    The Discourses of Epictetus

  • This morning, till four in the afternoon, I spent abroad, doing of many and considerable businesses at Mr. Phillips the lawyer, with Prior,

    The Diary of Samuel Pepys, Jan/Feb 1661/62

  • In so doing of course he scants actual usage, the elucidation of which is presumably why he wrote the article.

    Orientalism: An Exchange

  • “Whatever took Molly and Laniah, it was no doing of mine.”

    City of Glory


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