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  • Finally, it remains possible that certain sterols are also required as ligands for START domain-containing transcription factors such as

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  • Jeyaseelan S, Young SK, Fessler MB, Liu Y, Malcolm KC, et al. (2007) Toll/IL-1 receptor domain-containing adaptor inducing IFN-beta (TRIF) - mediated signaling contributes to innate immune responses in the lung during Escherichia coli pneumonia.

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  • The C-terminal Eps15 homology domain-containing protein 1 (EHD1) is ubiquitously expressed and regulates the endocytic trafficking and recycling of membrane components and several transmembrane receptors.

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  • We have identified and classified all the BURP domain-containing genes in soybean.

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  • Called Prdm9, short for "PR domain-containing 9", the gene makes an enzyme that latches onto DNA and reshuffles it when sperm eggs develop from germ cells.

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  • The poly (A) polymerase-associated domain-containing protein 5 is required for polyadenylation, whereas the exosome is partly responsible for the degradation of the short aberrant transcripts.

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  • GRASP-1 binds to the seven PDZ domain-containing scaffolding protein GRIP

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  • GRIP domain-containing protein; this complex regulates retrograde transport to the TGN and anterograde transport from the TGN.

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  • Bioinformatic analysis identified about 41 genes in the human genome that encode BTB-Kelch domain-containing proteins

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  • One is modulating the association of GluR6 with the PDZ domain-containing protein, PICK1.

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